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Frequently Asked Questions About iPad Casinos

1. I've seen a lot of mobile games that don't actually let you win anything. Does mobile gambling really use real money?
Yes. Though there are a lot of casino-type games that don't involve actual gambling, there are a growing number of real money gambling applications and web sites out there, many of which have been approved by Apple for playing with the iPad.

2. Is mobile gambling safe for my iPad?
Users should always exercise common sense when visiting websites they aren't familiar with. The iPad (and Apple products in general) are known for being virus resistant, but it's always a good idea to shy away from any site or app that seems a little shady.

3. Is mobile gambling legal?
There is not yet a homogenized legal framework regulating mobile gaming in Europe, so laws can vary widely from country to country. Some areas are in favor of prohibiting online gambling, while others have government-run online casinos. Familiarize yourself with the regulations in your home country before choosing to gamble online.

4. How secure is the payment system for mobile gambling?
Each company that produces a gambling site or application operates independently. As a result, they may have varying degrees of security. Always check to make sure any site that's requesting your personal information (name, address, telephone number, or banking or credit card information) is secure, and shy away from any app or site that doesn't have a security certificate, or just doesn't look "right" to you.

5. Should I buy an iPad exclusively for gambling?
The iPad is intended to be a multi-functional computing device. While gaming on the iPad is fun and easy, it's up to the individual user to decide if purchasing one solely for online gambling is a worthwhile investment.

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